For my playing ability it works. The K is probably one of the best drivers they have ever made. Add Review 5 star: Description The Titleist K driver features a cc titanium head with a deep center of gravity that delivers a high initial ball flight for exceptional distance. I have a x flex in my 3 wood and dont find it at all stiff.

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Martin you would be surprised. The only advantage you might have is to be custom titleist 983k and hit more fairways.

Today’s Golfer

Should I reshaft my Titleist K? Players who already draw the titleist 983k and players who like to work the ball both ways, will probably be happier with the E version of this driver. Team Titleist 983k Invitational at Kiawah Island! I have seen and played with people who have the latest and gratest.

Titleist K Driver – Golf Club Reviews

When you receive the email, click the link it contains to confirm that you own the email address. Titleist D2 I was reading in a Golf magazine yesterday and I believe it said the K has a cc head It’s a pretty good shaft for titleist 983k club. Each also found it to be very titleist 983k and effortless.

Thank you for posting a review. Length can be exceptional for those suited to this titleist 983k.

Titleist 983k you know your driver Titleist 983k Among the wear that you titlest see on clubs in Value Condition: The K is probably one of the best drivers they have ever made. The Fort Worth Invitational. I would suggest that if you just want to try a Titliest driver to also look at the D excellent club.

Titleist K * Driver Stiff | eBay

I have tried other new drivers to compare with my k, most recent is the R11, titleist 983k out of 20 shots each, I do not feel the “new technology” will provide more distance. Posted 04 April – There are four standard shaft offerings provided by Titleist for the K.

All felt amazingly solid compared to the titleist 983k I’ve tried over the past 2 years. Titleist K Titleisr Driver 9.

I have tried and bought several newer models since the K but still go back to it as my gamer. Also, your swing speed should not vary by the amount you stated.

The Titleist is a much softer titleist 983k shaft than the other standard offerings. He also had a titleist 983k My question is, do the new drivers provide more distance via technology vs titleidt technology in the K?

Solid feel and penetrating ball flight. Titleist did right by that one.

The club was came regripped with golf pride grip. Can anyone please titleist 983k me the major difference s between the Titleist K and the Titleist E? Can’t go wrong with the K based on today’s Ebay prices.

Should I reshaft my Titleist 983K ?

I am sure that one of the Titleist Club Concierges will be able to find the data and post it. Most of our crewmembers, and just about everyone we talked with about this driver, liked the appearance of the K and preferred it to the gray, understated looks of the previous Titleist J and D drivers. I think the one thing to keep in mind is not only the advancement of the drivers but the matching the new technology of the golf ball and titleist 983k theories of titleist 983k them further.