Also bought the 3 wood and 4 rescue! Wednesday, February 05, Like all adjustable features they should be viewed as a one-time personal custom fit like pro’s get on a tour van rather than tweaked on a regular basis. Now with the SLDR driver, the moveable weights in the heel and toe and the dial on the sole have been replaced with a single sliding weight in the cc titanium head. Shifting the slider three clicks towards fade reduced my tendency to over-draw the ball. If I was guessing, I would say the “S” stands for “simple”. The weight in all the heads of modern drivers comes mainly from the adjustability.

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I spray the ball way right and then, I will hook the heck out of it.

It really works, too. Write your review You must enter a review of between and sldr 460. Overall, the data showed there was very little difference between the two drivers in terms of performance. Wednesday, February slr, Like previous TaylorMade drivers, sldr 460 also announces your presence quite effectively with a loud, but not overbearing, impact sound.

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Easy sldr 460 control on arc. I faded the ball, made adjustment now driving the ball longer and very straight.

Also bought the sldr 460 wood and 4 rescue! The SLDR S is a solid, attractive driver that will certainly help low to mid handicap golfers that want the xldr, low-forward CG performance.

This reduces the weight slfr the SLDR driver and makes it lighter so that in theory you get more clubhead speed from the same amount of effort.

I have been using a Titleist D2 for a year now and have never sldr 460 meshed with it. Golf had gotten a lot more fun with one fell swoop! Although it is showing a gain of only 3 yards in total distance, the average distance shown with sldr 460 SLDR hides a couple of yard shots so the theory does work in practice. I experienced marginally higher launch, faster ball speeds 2mph more and lower spin numbers than with the R1. Rate this product Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor 40 stars average 4 slrr sldr 460 good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating.

TaylorMade are promoting the SLDR driver with the line of ‘more distance through more loft’ as the head creates much less backspin than other sldr 460. Great driver when hit properly!

I never really know what is coming.

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What I should also add is that the benefit of going to a TaylorMade Performance Centre is that I could try a wide range of shafts to get the best results. I’ve got one on order. Your name You must enter your name. One of the best models sldr 460. This moves the CG horizontally across a range of 6mm, up from 4mm in the R1, so it should be able to cope with whatever type of swing you put on it.

Certainly it is more sldr 460 and possibly sldr 460 than what has gone on before on the wldr of TaylorMade drivers. There are some big changes visually as for sldr 460 first time in over 3 years since the R9 SuperTri sldr 460 driver that TaylorMade have introduced a black headed driver. Reg shaft, midsized grip.

So the SLDR lives up to its billing.

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This also has given me considerably more distance. Now bear in mind that changing the loft will also affect the lie of the club slightly and there is nothing to adjust the lie on this club, unlike others in the market. One of the benefits over the white sldr 460 was the alignment aid sldr 460 created between the white crown and white face.

TaylorMade tell me sldr 460 there is only about a 4-gram difference between the two models, which is less than 1. It obviously has a new look, which you may or may not sldr 460, and will be slightly easier to swing than the standard model. I was slightly sceptical of the influence this would have on the ball flight, but was surprised to see it has a noticeable impact. Whilst I could feel a slight difference in the weight of the driver sldr 460 each swing, especially at the bottom of the swing.