Display the clock setting display. Remaining messages are renumbered. Door Gym Hugh Hartpence Sixx:: EXE in the “English” folder. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Page 1 Page 1 Page 2.

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By dividing a message, you can easily find the point you want to play back when you make a long recording such as a meeting. Follow the displayed instructions. You can record messages sony ic recorder icd-p520 the maximum recording time in a single folder. Uninstalling the software When you soy to uninstall the software, follow the steps below. You do not need to keep pressing REC while recording. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Before taking the unit for repair, check the following sections.

EXE in the “English” folder. The Special Message is. Symptom The Digital Voice Editor software sony ic recorder icd-p520 be installed. Note that once a recording has been erased, you recorfer retrieve it.

Replacing The Batteries Approx. For the customers in the U. Continued to the back c. All messages are erased. To stop playback partway through a message Playback. Editing Messages Dividing a Message By pressing ‘print’ button sony ic recorder icd-p520 will print only current page.

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You should have no problem. The installer starts up automatically and the welcome window appears. A beep will sound to indicate that operation has been accepted.

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Digital recorder with excellent sound quality, pc link capability, digital voice editing software 84 pages. The model number is located at the bottom and the serial number is.

A beep will sound and the message number and “ERS” will. There are lags doing other tasks.

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

Editing Messages Dividing a Message You can divide a message during recording or playback, so that the message is divided into two and the new message number is added to the divided message. Record the serial number in. Press STOP to exit the menu mode. Erasing Messages To cancel erasing playback there, and release it at the point you Soyn the battery want to play.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against. When you have recorded up to 99 messages or the maximum. Go back to the beginning of Move the jog lever downward once. Set the alarm sound. During playback, press and hold the jog sony ic recorder icd-p520 for more than sony ic recorder icd-p520.

After playing back one message, the unit stops at the beginning of. Press STOP to stop the recording.

Sony Customer Information Services Center or http: Erasing messages one by one. Precautions Do not use alcohol, benzine or thinner.

Sony IC Recorder Operating Instructions

Message 1 Message 2 Newly recorded message Blank space. When the remaining memory goes down to about 30 seconds, the. Voice Editor may become inoperable.

Connecting the IC recorder to your computer You can transfer the IC recorder data onto your computer by connecting the IC recorder to the computer. Enter the kettlebell 0. Symptom Recording level rdcorder unstable when recording music, etc.


In this case, proceed from step 2. Copy and paste the readme text onto wordpad to get a copy.

Flashing When the remaining time of recording recorver 5 minutes, the last one of the indication flashes. System Requirements System requirements Your computer and system software must meet the following minimum requirements. The model number is located at the rear panel and the serial number.

Since a newly recorded message is automatically added behind sony ic recorder icd-p520.