Appearance of the RU4AP programmer: Data in ROM indicate machine model, region code, capacity, serial number etc Native reprogrammable chips DS 1-Wire protocol. If you make incorrect actions with ones you will lose all information forever. Here you can download the free trial-version of the programmer for these chips. Emulator designed in such way that end-user able to reprogram one for next cycle of using. Some info about me and contact information:.

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konica minolta pp1300w Appearance of the RU4AP programmer: This documentation is only result of my observation and nothing else. The best free software for programming I2C based chips is PonyProg. OneWireViewer exist as Java application.

OneWireViewer from Dallas Sem.

The goal of the chips munolta to limit cartridge life time to programmed in the chips value. OneWireViewer konica minolta pp1300w finds iButtons or 1-Wire chips on the 1-Wire Network and displays their serial numbers with a description of relevant features and konica minolta pp1300w options. If you make incorrect actions with ones you will lose all information forever.

Such chips are easy to use with any machines which require these chips.

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When you will use the toner-cartridge or drum-unit there is simple to reprogram the universal emulator for the new operating cycle. Unfortunately site of StMicroelectronics has not any konica minolta pp1300w about such widely distributed chips.

Contact me by e-mail to get more info about konicw. In trial-version the function of programming is removed. Download 1-Wire solutions from Dallas Sem. Hardware compatible with DSE.

Software has support for files which created by iButton Viewer for DS Appearance konoca the S3CC programmer: Programmer able to do next: Home page of OneWireViewer project. S3CC IC has memory areas of two kinds: Logo of konica minolta pp1300w chipmaker is showed on the top side of konica minolta pp1300w package of the chip.

You can ask about full version of the programmer by E-Mail: The software is customizable to any possible combination of control signal what COM port can produce.

This password depend from LHC field of the the config area. Being the owner of this information you can konica minolta pp1300w any programmer with any interface and for any operation system for these kind of the chips.

Data access to the user area possible by use: It just one chip – nothing else. Info on this site not relate to copy-machines manufacturers. There are many limitation to work with chips and emulators.

Schematic diagram for 1-Wire interface, PDF format. Appearance of the programmer and setup dialog: Description of the programmer and schematic diagram. Action’s menu, which kobica supported for the chip xerox Konica minolta pp1300w a case when you sent me letter and not received answer in 7 days then repeat your message please konica minolta pp1300w konics secondary e-mail too.

Moreover you can order hardware or you can make konica minolta pp1300w independently. Here available additional info.

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Schematic diagram for 1-Wire interface, GIF format. This time programmer supports in automatic mode chips from next consumables toners and machines: You need only this program to read, write or analyse chip. You can order as konica minolta pp1300w chips, such konica minolta pp1300w which preprogrammed by certain data of the customer.

DSUNW views like a transistor: Ask me by e-mail about list really tested machines. This time available two different kinds of emulators: Also I offer my variant of the hardware interface.