Do not buy this if you are running any version of Windows Vista. Well, I didn’t exactly call up Line 6 and ask for their absolute best product. It’s not a recording engineer in a box and I’m sure it’s not meant to be. Each model is fully adjustable, and a lightning-fast workflow makes it easy to create classic tones and imaginative hybrids. Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. Don;t leave people stranded with borked software, just because you can’t be bothered with your legacy products.

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Really like this interface. Making it virtually useless for recording.

Oh, and it completely nukes Audacity, no sound devices available at all, not even motherboard onboard sound. Posted July 21, Out of curiosity, I switched my ‘playback device’ back to toneport ux2 built-in soundcard, and played the file. Does anyone work for Line 6? The general feeling of the Toneport ux2 Insider community is that build is the release build.

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Check several, check cables. Musician’s Friend has fabulous customer service and the return process was perfect. This is becoming toneport ux2 annoying.

It was all in the amount of Bit size you can use and buffer speed,I put it on 24 bit with full buffer speed and boosted up the sound samples and it sounds awesome now just toneport ux2 good as Amp.

Are you a toneport ux2 that wants to record? Is communication important toneport ux2 you? You’ve got the drive, and toneport ux2 know you’ve got the talent. Cubase LE includes all the tools you need to record, edit, and mix tracks from start to finish. The basic Pod Farm 2. But I’ve installed Audactiy and that’s not working properly. Anyone else have success? Considering the ease of use and the fun factor I guess I will just keep buying one every year.

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I use it with headphones but have connected toneport ux2 to my amp, adding Pod Farm effects to the signal chain. You’ve got to make an account with them, wait for them to send you a license number, register it with them, and then continue the install.

Haven’t got monkey installed, I’ll put that on now and see if there’s any difference. All of the above questions i have asked personally to tech support.

Posted June 11, And the software pod farm 2. Jamming At The Computer. Riffworks T4 on the other hand is awesome and I highly recommend it, but you can toneport ux2 that for free without having to purchase anything, toneport ux2 go to the Sonoma Wireworks toneport ux2. Definitely worth it, especially for the price.



Do you intend to support it into the future? Do you want us to continue to purchase Podfarm Patches? I tried the newest Windows 10 Preview version, but no toneplrt. Music Education For Children. Great for jammin’ in front of the computer and coming up with melody concepts toneport ux2 saving ’em within a DAW. I have had my GX toneporr about a year now. Same toneport ux2 here, no sound on windows 10 build Here I am, after using it for 6 months and let me tell you, I’m really toneport ux2

Your license is stored on your device, not your PC, nor their servers. Used it to reinstall the firmware and drivers toneport ux2, for a laugh, and no change.

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Posted July 25, The best word I can use to describe that decision is regret. This audio interface and, more importantly, the software that comes with it can model almost ANY guitar sound you want. Terms of Toneport ux2 Privacy Policy. The LINE 6 software is really cool and toneport ux2 to use. Since then, the only way I can work with the Line 6 Driver was to take my external hard drive and create a partition that runs Leopard. I’ve had it for three months, and I have barely been able to record.

Posted June 12,