Just pressed the area below the point at which my screen is attached just below the hinge. Hello, I have a lenovo y If you can, plz share the same on my mail id also. Amol November 1, I tried cleaning dust out of the back of my computer by loosening some screws on the back. Also I changed the video cable with a new one, but still no result. Esc key method Turn the computer on.

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Probably not worth repair. Now, last week it started getting exactly this blueish toshiba satellite l645-s4102 where the screen should be white, and some red flicker over more dark colors. I have replaced the memory with no permanent success. RAJ October 9, Hi, I have an Advent that shows a white screen with slowly developing coloured lines on start-up from cold, toshiba satellite l645-s4102 is OK with a warm boot.

The screen has cracks cause i accidentally dropped it…will it still work if i buy vga cable and connect it to another monitor?

But as soon stellite Lid is adjusted to perticular angle then no such fault occurs. Toshiba satellite l645-s4102 the new screen is exactly the same model as the original one but shows wrong colors probably this is defective screen.

I tested with toshiba satellite l645-s4102 and that worked ok. Does it mean the video card is bad? Turn the computer on. I was about to resort to drastic measures when I found this page. Please let me know if you are still available to help.

Screen shows strange colors

It also clears when i put pressure on the lid like you showed. I covered this topic in more details in the following posts: Wiggle the cable while the laptop is running. Ben April 20, Wow thank you so much! My toshiba satellite laptop suddenly refuses toshiba satellite l645-s4102 work. You have to know how to disassemble your computer in l645–s4102 to use toshiba satellite l645-s4102 troubleshooting techniques.

You cannot tell without testing your laptop with toshiba satellite l645-s4102 working screen or inverter. Can toshiba satellite l645-s4102 get external image with internal screen unplugged? What can i do? So why is this problem occurring? Immediately press and hold the Esc key for three seconds, and then release it.

Other models can detect the monitor but display image only on one screen internal or external.

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It is not broken or cracked at all. Squeeze it with your fingers. Taylor January 16, Skip to Main Content. Toshiba satellite l645-s4102 the screen starts showing different colors, lines, or clears to normal when you squeeze the top part of the display panel, most likely this is screen failure. Jagpinder S Brar March 23, The best way to resolve this problem is just press left and right screen softly with thumbs and see it will work fine i did it myself and l645-x4102 resolve it.

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Satsllite bulletin documents the several different methods for gaining access to the BIOS Setup feature of most models of Toshiba computers. It toshiba satellite l645-s4102 working at a certain angle before I took it to the tech but now it does not work toshiba satellite l645-s4102 all. After reading this, i downloaded the servicing manual for my laptop model and followed the step by step dismantling and reassembly procedure. Ali November 12, Did you test external video?

I would suggest testing the laptop with an external monitor.

In my laptop LCD screen cable got burnt and I need to replace it. When I turned on my laptop this afternoon I was shocked to find that the colours on the screen were off, and the pictures were very toshibba to toshiba satellite l645-s4102 like when you freeze an LCD.

Can i replace it? Disconnect laptop screen toshiba satellite l645-s4102 from the motherboard and test the laptop with the external monitor again. Dear CJ, This is very urgent and this is going to be a bit long but please have the patience to help me through it.

So now what i have to do?