I then need to disconnect power either mains or battery for a few seconds, reconnect power, and the same happens again and again. What are the odds that it can be fixed, by me or some official repair guy? I open them up and reseat memory, wireless card, CPU, etc… the parts that have some weight and might pop up from the socket when the laptop is dropped. Worked like a charm. I am able to see battery getting charged via the indicator light.

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I unplugged the video cable from the system board and the laptop started fine again with the external monitor.

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Russell November 2, I have a Cyberpower laptop my computer starts by iteself and shows a black screen. I took the advice from someone above that all it needs is 3 components to power up and stay on; motherboard, CPU toshiba satellite a205 s5825 1 stick of memory, and then an external monitor if you want to see if you have video.

Is there a solution? Dominic February 20, Could the fan be damaged? Billy September 3, Most likely the CMOS battery is soldered to the motherboard, as is done on many newer Toshiba laptops. March 29, at 3: It easily could be toshiba satellite a205 s5825 a failed memory. Filipe September 28, The battery is being charged etc.

I have to wait awhile for that to come back. First of all Toshiba satellite a205 s5825 tried simple stuff: David, You can download a maintenance and service guide 2.

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And its so hot …but the fan is ok and i already cleanup every thing any body can help me…? For datellite long remains to be seen. July 24, at 5: Hi Repair Man i have an old compaq evo nc that has not toshiba satellite a205 s5825 used for a while the main battery is dead i only used ac power when working on it.

No1UKnow, Just in case run the memory test. If I open my laptop to a normal angle and press the power button, the lights will flash and the fan will begin to run. Josh Olu October 26, Unplug everything, including video adapter toshiba satellite a205 s5825 motherboard and nothing. Price Shown at Cart. The 1st one i posted was some how deleted satelllte the threads.

The CMOS battery was located and a small piece of solder toshiba satellite a205 s5825 placed across battery wires connected to motherboard and left for fifteen minutes, in order to create a short and therefore force a BIOS default reset.

Maybe the cooling fan failed and the laptop freezes because of overheating. You were spot on with that solution, brilliant. This could be memory related failure. What could all of a sudden cause it not toshiba satellite a205 s5825 power up?

When I have to test the fan on IBM laptop, I connect the keyboard cable to the system board and place the keyboard on the palmrest. It all of a sudden just started shutting on and then in satfllite few seconds it shut down.

Some laptop models user thermal grease and some use thermal pads. After purchasing a new battery off eBay and swapping the two, I was surprised by toshiba satellite a205 s5825 lack of change.

Lift up the keyboard, press on the video card so it makes a better connection and turn on the laptop while you are still pressing on the card. In addition the system was bought in UK, and this has happened in Japan where I now live toshiba satellite a205 s5825 makes it far more difficult to get it fixed! Purchased high performance battery for my Toshiba Laptop. If you are looking for the best brand new laptop battery toshiba satellite a205 s5825 the most preferred price, you have come to the right place.

I disassembled the laptop and ensured all the toshiba satellite a205 s5825 are firmly in their place. I removed the main battery and CMOS battery for 1 day and the password is still there.

Today, I toshiba satellite a205 s5825 some spare time, and I took the whole thing apart, down to the system board — loosened and put back in again every connection I could find — and when I had put w5825 back together again — … it worked as new.