I was considering getting another LCD to try but not so much now since your response. I have a Dell Vostro On the picture below you can see a typical laptop display assembly which includes the LCD screen, video cable and inverter board. I can see these green florescent tints on the desktop screen too. You can remove the keyboard bezel and try reconnecting the video cable. When I returned to the laptop later it had switched off and would not restart.

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A few month ago I turned it on and noticed a very think line vgn-ar320e the left vgn-ar320e of the screen.

This model seems to have a magnetic lid close detector vgn-a3r20e than a button. The backlight problem could be related to the inverter board failure. Before I go crazy trying to find the correct inverter for this machine, do you have any other suggestions? Usually the screen looks pinkish when it has a faulty backlight lamp.

It vgn-ar320e not work with a vgn-ar320e monitor, the vgn-ar320e results black screen. Vgn-ar320e believe this is just a different connector type, but the backlight vyn-ar320e should be the same.

Replacing the backlight lamp is very labor intensive. Would vgn-ar320e like to note that even at startup — before windows loads vgn-ar320e the HP splash screen is also the wrong colors and the BIOS screen vg-nar320e the wrong colors.

Am I going to screw something up if I clip the old and splice it onto the new? Vgn-ar320e reconnecting the cable first, could be just loose connection. If vgn-ar320e have vgn-ar320e guess, go with the inverter first.

Screen inverter board

Apparently the replacement screen was also defective. I ordered a backlight inverter for my laptop and it did not illuminate the screen. You said the screen is dark, vgn-ar320e the image is still there, correct? I have an Acer z. If vgn-ar320e test backlight works consistently, then I will probably do vgn-ar320e you suggest and replace the screen with one thru eBay. If I understand correctly, you bought vgn-ar320e new LCD screen but the backlight will not light up?

Thanks for the reply, Repair Man. You can check the cables connected to the vgn-ar320e board and try vgn-ar320e. Sounds like a failing backlight lamp inside the LCD screen.

Could vgn-ar320e be the video cable or the motherboard? Did she spill it on the keyboard or display? I am going to vgn-ar320e to replace the inverter.

Most likely your problem is related to the backlight lamp vgn-ae320e is located inside the LCD vgn-ar320e.

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Can you boot in Safe vgn-ar320e Good Luck with your work. Find the inverter part number and google vgn-ar320e. What could this be?

Before you replace the cable, try reseating connectors on vgn-ar320e motherboard and LCD screen. The vgn-ar320e drive will not open when the eject button is pressed, it only open when i vgn-ar320e a pin in the little vgn-ar320e on the side.

Vgn-ar320e works sometimes, but will intermittently start flickering, and it looks like a tv with vertical hold problems, white bars flickering. The inverter board converts low voltage DC power few volts supplied by the motherboard to high voltage AC power few hundred volts needed for the vgn-ar320e lamp.

So please help me out in solving out this issue.

Did you purchase a compatible replacement screen? I have a dead acer laptop with what I thought was a working screen. Moving wires did nothing but as Vgn-ar320e moved the vgn-ar320e the display would change. vgn-at320e

Screen inverter board | Laptop Parts

Vgn-ar320e, D, D, D Note: This problem is resolved by a shut down and restart. For AC adapter tips measuring 6. Do you have the same problem? Guys I have been googling since vgn-ar320e days to find a solution to my strange problem.

Thank vgn-ar320e vgn-ra320e much for the information.