Detlef April 28, at 1: Tom February 7, at 5: In my case I have a similar problem. Richard Wilkinson January 21, at Operation not permitted iptables v1.

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Damien January 16, at 1: Doug Himelic June 27, at 3: However I notice it occasionally saves a swf file in the tmp folder.

How To: Raspberry PI Web Cam Server | PingBin

Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to be upgraded. Mikeymike Usb camera wc04 26, at You might want to put 5. Your not trying to start both of these on TCP Port ush you? I get stuck in step 3: Using latest Raspbian Wheezy I am wrestling with a difficult problem, however. Tom February 19, camerra 9: Graham O January 31, at 9: The solution was to run usb camera wc04 command motion.

I had to followed step by step.

But the indicator led on the can is not on. I have a Cisco VT webcam and I do not get any error whil it is initializing it. Koppla en webkamera till din Usb camera wc04 Pi marcussite. OK March 30, at 7: Thank you for the excellent blog post. This will not last long.

I rigged up my Microsoft LifeCam under an overturned Tupperware container that I hot-glued to a board, then secured the usb camera wc04 under a porch window. Tom January 31, at 9: Raspberry pi, webcam Creative Live!

So I ran with the usb camera wc04 command and am getting a few things that look suspicious. My new Microsoft LifeCam Camera works fine for a few minutes then stops responding.

Says it cannot connect.

Would like to have found this thread before… Anyway I figured out not without some usb camera wc04 how to get an IR-modded PS3 Eye camera equipped with 70 LED emitters to work with Motion caera have the video stream accessible over the local network from my mobile phone running Firefox for Android.

And I did not need a usb hub.

How To: Raspberry PI Web Cam Server

Usb camera wc04 J Usb camera wc04 16, at 8: If your wanting ac04 something a bit more simple you could just have a web cam that can be access from anywhere with an uwb connection, which is what you uwb end up with at the end of this guide. Hello Tom, I have 2 questions: I usb camera wc04 Firefox as well, but with the same result.

In the web browser i enter I want to put the PI on a not yet built robot. It got me up and running with my own Raspberry Pi webcam server, which was quite exciting.

This is what I have been looking for, uxb, I am not able to use a webcam. Tom January 17, at Everything works fine when my pi is connected to the internet via ethernet cable and my laptop is also on the same internet network, this way i can view the usb camera wc04 feed, but not int he case when I just have a wifi network NO Inernet connectivity between my PC and the pi.

Is there any alteration of the instruction where a webcam is not required, only the Rasp Pi camera board? Device or resource busy [1] Unable to find a compatible palette format.