Wladimir van der Laan. Cannot wake from sleep; unable to install 4. Lenovo Thinkpad T i More stable with 4. Shutdown, sleep and screen issues, read more. Needs installer workarounds, has screen and ethernet issues, read more.

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Needs installer workarounds, has screen and ethernet issues, read more. The efibootmgr seems to be broken on the R4.

Ir Jean-Charles de Longueville. Required workaround for sys-net, read more. How do I Submit a Report? IOMMU lacks security feature, read more.

UEFI boot fails, stuck after booting kernel blank intel 82q35 linux with 4 penguins. Network VM workaround, read more. Acer Aspire F iU. Battery life is also excellent. Dell Inspiron i Xeon E Graphics.

Keyboard and intel 82q35 linux issues with kernel 4. Issue with external display, read more. OptiPlex i Haswell Integrated Graphics. Lenovo Thinkpad W i7-Q nVidia. Lenovo Thinkpad T linuc Others call me jean. Installer issue, read more. Network devices not working, uefi boot and keyboard issues, read more. Problem with Wifi, read more.

Issues with suspend and smartcard reader, read more. Installation notes, read more. Networking issues, read more. Boot workaround, sleep and other issues; read more.

822q35 workaround for install, read more. Audio sync issue, read more. AEM does not work. Workaround for external monitor reset issue, read more.

A GTX Ti. Networking not working, read more. Qubes, Kernel and this field is coloured in conjunction to reflect intel 82q35 linux machine compatibility Credit Name intel 82q35 linux to report in qubes-users.

Ethernet not compatible read more. Had to do the ‘boot device not recognized’ procedures to get it to boot, had to update to kernel 4.

Major graphics issues because of old Linux kernel. The Nvidia m dGPU is not detected. Needed NVMe workaround read more. Issues with graphics, touchpad, wifi, read more.

Unknown controller version 3. More stable with 4. XPS 13 iU.

Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) | Qubes OS

IOMMU discussion, read more. Graphics workaround, read more. Workaround required oinux UEFI mode install. Various issues, read more.

Needed yumi uefi to install, read more.