I have a problem similar to some of the battery issues mentioned above. Toshiba says that the BIOS version should be at least v1. Mark June 7, So, I followed the full discharge method and got a decent 1. This change happened out of no where. I had no idea if a Lithium Ion would act the same but it did! Well, if I ever have to do that I certainly will not purchase another Toshiba.

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Batterie ordinateur portable

Edgardo Bernabe, Take a closer satellite a55 s106 at the Toshiba recovery disc. Sathish Satellite a55 s106 14, Followed advice as above and downloaded later BIOS which has to go to a floppy disc and is then loaded when the machine is rebooted from the floppy.

Mauricio April 10, My L30 has a similar problem. Downloaded a satellite saving program called NHC.

It sounds like your satellite a55 s106 shuts down even when it runs on AC power without the battery installed. Is this the normal volts going to a battery? What can i satellite a55 s106 about this?

Jimmy December 21, It would power down instantly. Sxtellite shuts off just like that! Make sure it outputs correct voltage. If your laptop requires 5A, your new adapter output should be 5A or higher.

Miguel Morales July 23, I also have the satellite a55 s106 problem with a LS, it is not charging the battery. It might be just a software issue. My laptop is Toshiba Satellite R Make sure that you are using a correct one. Test the laptop again with the AC adapter first and satellie with the battery. Lourdes, Does satellite a55 s106 laptop works on the AC power if you saellite the battery?

I removed the battery and started the system only running on AC power and it lasted a little longer. You can easily fix the problem just by updating the BIOS. After a day in laptop charging I pushed the little button on the side of the battery and no lights.

Toshiba Satellite A battery charging problem | Laptop Repair

I downloaded the BIOS and it actually started shutting off sooner. It sees the battery, knows its a secondary battery but gives me the same results. If you still experience the same problem, apparently you have a bad motherboard.

satellite a55 s106

I downloaded the BIOS and is still having problems. However this will drop after a period of time, sometimes immendiately sometimes mins.

I have searched and read about every page on the internet and not found any solutions yet. The battery connects directly to satellite a55 s106 motherboard and you already eliminated any other possible problems. After that connect the AC adapter and try to turn on the laptop without the battery installed. I thought maybe something was wrong with satelliite place where the battery normally goes. I s06 my adapter needed to be replaced but when I push power it did not turn on but I did get 10 blinking yellow lights by staellite battery.

Just in case, you can find a new AC adapter if you search using the part number V or V Nag November 22, The laptop charges intermittently though the Power cord light is always on when Power cord is on. Satellite a55 s106 Schmitz January 24, So we thought it was the battery, bought a new one plug it in overnight.

Sounds like bad battery. I removed the battery while the satellitee was on and plugged in! Gordon Miller September 4, The voltage output on the power adapter should be exactly the same as required by the laptop. Toshiba A S Satellite a55 s106 problem resloved! The laptop is charging when the computer is turned on but when i turned off the computer,the laptop stop charging but led light remain always on showing that laptop is satellite a55 s106 How can I update my Bios if staellite battery does not charge?

PanteraLives July 24, Now, everything works fine.