I have some problems as well: Scott October 18, If yes, your problem is not related to the new LCD screen. While trying to get the pictures for my supplier, I believe I ruined the driver board-to-lcd connection. Is the external video output working fine? Is tehre anything else apart of cables,inverter, incompatible screen, that can cause such a behaviour? I have found a same size screen from an Acer laptop.

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How can I check if LG screen is truly compatible with inverter? I changed satellite a205 s4607 screen but only works on windows safe mode, when the nvidia driver kicks in the image get distorted. I found your blog through google.

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I attempted to fix my laptop screen as well. Misty May 12, When I connect to an external lcd it shows a blue screen and reports that a hardware error has occurred. One thing I can not locate inverter in my samsung R satellite a205 s4607where is it, my screen goes dim after i changed new lcd after 2 weeks…. Did you install Windows satellite a205 s4607 32bit or 64bit version? Eamonn December 6, I opened it back up which is a pain I might add… and reseated the cables.

But the new screen does not therefore the sodder joints wont allow satellite a205 s4607 video connector to slide into the connector.

Satelite h12y Vista — old chimei screen damaged — part viewable. I also connected my old one back it still works just got a big crack everything works fine…. I am getting very mixed advice and confusions. Trickle charge could cause plating of metallic satellite a205 s4607, a condition that makes the cell unstable.

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Now plug in the AC adapter and try turning it on again. Did you get any image on the shattered screen, I mean on the undamaged area? Philip Santiago December 7, Thank you for this useful post. It does it about times then turns off. Is tehre anything else apart of cables,inverter, incompatible screen, satellite a205 s4607 can cause such a behaviour?

Hannah May 30, Satellite a205 s4607 it something I can take it apart? James September 15, I also read somewhere that all manufacturers block screens that are not for their line of laptops through bios but i cannot confirm it. When the monitor came on it satellite a205 s4607 the Dell logo and I was happy but then when the computer went to desktop I have a fragmented screen and when the mouse moves to the right side of the screen it flickers.

Im happy to buy the whole lot: Sometimes this trick helps. Could it be that I have satellite a205 s4607 install a new Satellite a205 s4607 for the new screen? If there is a dim image, most likely your problem is related to the inverter board. Satellit far as I can see, it should work perfectly fine!

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I also tested the Gateway T It works only while it boots and in safe mode in safe mode it loads standard VGA drivers. It certainly did NOT! Hi, I ordered the same model as the one that broke, connected it, but after 1 second of powering my pc shutdown. What is the problem,incompatible Satellite a205 s4607

I installed satelkite new one and when I went to turn on my computer satellite a205 s4607 happened. Make sure the video cable is plugged correctly into the LCD screen.

It sounds like the LCD screen was damaged too. Keith November 10, If you install a wrong screen you can fry the motherboard.