Proof to all the non believers. They had just upgraded me to a higher Elite plan, not Ultimate. The Telstra tech logged into his bigpond speedtest site after install and got mbit. I am going to be switching to this plan in the next few weeks. Are you running any other programs whilst doing the speed tests?

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From around 15M aways going through 2 solid walls I can achieve Mb. My partner can watch youtube motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem torrent and I can still play cabl with no lag. I was getting 3. Anyone ever had this problem of over time speeds going down? If it’s not Gigabit, you will need that as well. If yes how did you manage that?

Still very impressive http: My question is, would or could the Telstra ultimate be worth up 51120 to. P its all good. Download a file off files. Perhaps a little OT but weren’t we supposed to be getting 5 or 10 mbps uploads on Ultimate cable sometime this year?

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Your test “speed wise” is correct, yet why is your ping so high.? Hey Luca, thanks so much buddy. With an ethernet cable — Anyway very happy with the results. My download speeds seem a bit slower compared to some others posting here.

Enabled Allow incoming legacy connections — Check. There is a list on the Telstra site.

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Melbourne — Hosted by Telstra http: I think that is fairly fast but being a novice i am not too sure as I stream a fair amount of content. The speeds currently via speedtest measure about 34Mbps but browsing seems slower than Adsl. Although motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem my surprise here’s my results http: My upload is always faster than my download??? After 1 and a half months of waiting and constant problems my cable is finally working: Telstra Velocity Point Cook trial area.

Got 80mbps which he said was the max given the laptop had XP on it. Global maximum number of conection — Max number of connected peers per motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem — Number of upload slots per torrent — 14 Use additional upload slots — Check.

I haven’t turned off my modem or computer for years. Don’t encourage this user.

Also could be a java error too. How can I download something from there as a test?

Is there a new option? Unless you are experiencing browsing issue’s, returning errors or having constant reboots, there is no issue with the connection. Gasoline with ethanol can harm your power …. Fastest Download Speed I have had Just spoke to one of the Bigpond tech today, and he said once the test is done.

City and County of Denver – Colorado

Mine shows Telstra Broadband GB. Not Cable, I know, so slightly OT. Just did one now: Reboot the modem and try again. So in essence you have it already.

Just had BP Ultimate installed half an hour ago, very happy: Tests were done when my wife was watching huluplus or netflix whichever one she uses at the time so speeds a tad slower than normal. Is my motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem correct?

So I need to get in touch with Bigpond, or will this happen eventually we only got connected on cable today You have been screwed over by Telstra like so many others on here.

Is there information on this from Telstra? I’ve got a Netgear CG and I’ve logged into the modem but theres a lot of information in there. Thanks J, I switch off the modem and wait 5 mins, turn on modem and new motorolq kick in!

Most devices that I have and use such as mobiles, tablets, MP3 players, consoles, IPTV’s, securities cameras and other things motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem and there have been limited to around 40Mb speed tops. I was on the phone for approx 6 hours yesterday in addition to 24×7 chat and was continually given the “run around” wurfboard one area to another.

If you have ultimate cable, don’t use ozspeedtest. Tokyo has much better connections and this could be a reason why? There’s just no variability. As always a very good speed. Hi surfboarx the current cable plans now.