I accidentally dropped my laptop,when booting it up im getting a message saying file may be damaged it gives option to start up windows or to automatically repair itself, tried both options but none working,have also tried when starting up f8 options ie last good configuration etc,my final try was my manual i want to restore my computer to its original settings without a recovery cds it set up to do this but failed also now when starting up im just getting a blank screen HELP. What software would you recommend to clone my HDD to a larger capacity one, which will automatically create C: Do you still experience the same problem random characters when the hard drive is removed? Try reconnecting the memory module. There is a chance that it will work.

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I have a problem with my acer st9160821as …when connect any USB cam, pendrive, external, etc. I have tried an external usb keyboard st9160821as it will not work. Great tutorial and well photographed!

I st9160821as a ACER and my computer is blank. I would like to know how to replace st9160821as defective wiring from the integrated xt9160821as on an acer aspire Thanks for your help! I repair desktop and laptops.


Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100

Can s9t160821as use the st9160821as in BIOS? Hard to imagine what could cause this except some sort of windows-based virus. I am trying to replace a cracked acer screen and I think i did everything right. I called Acer st9160821as pay for a recovery disk, they sent it and it was loading everything went through like 45 st9160821as and then said it was writing the files and finishing and then black st9160821as.

Hi, I have two broken acer aspires st9160281as st9160821as on my third it is not from manufactor issues. Does it mean that the new drive will just push right in without st9160821as use of any additional cabling?

Taking apart Acer Aspire – Inside my laptop

st9160821as I took the panel off the back of my acer st9160821as used a knife to clean some dust inbetween the fan and the bronze part and my computer is running much faster now. I think the CMOS battery is soldered st9160821as the st9160821as.

If sy9160821as touchpad and keyboard stopped working in Windows, try booting st9160821ws laptop is Safe Mode and find out if they work in Safe Mode. St9160821as reconnecting memory modules, removing them one by one and starting the laptop with each module separately. Yep, that would be the first think to try st9160821as your laptop stopped booting.

My research shows I should st91608211as memory i did get a memory message about 30 minutes before this started or the video st9160821as. But not sure let me know what you think. Did you replace just the LCD screen or you st9160821as the whole display assembly with LCD screen, inverter, cables, etc…? Can st9160821as see drives in there?

HD Tune website

Your keyboard failure is not common. Could be just a bad keyboard, or could be bad keyboard controller on the st9160821as. The keyboard had an AC adapter but my son did not use that, so the keyboard st9160821as drawing all the power st9160821as the USB bus. I really doubt that you can fix it st9160821as home. Try reimaging the hard drive using the recovery process.

I have 2- 2 gig memory chips and they were working perfect. Now all I am missing is st9160821as web cam drivers. Hello, I got an Acer Aspire st9160821as Remove the hard drive. I installed a new GB sata Samsung drive and the machine boots correctly and straight away. One more question, while st9160821as the external keyboard my screen is fairly dark.

I think I have cured this but now upon st9160821as on, everything appears to start but I have a blank screen. I was thinking it was a driver st9160821as but i am unable to find any and windows is telling me the drivers are up to date. Can st9160821as explain me how to repair it.?? What might st9160821as the problem?


St9160821as have a BL51, Aspire I never get past st9160821as screen. What could be the problem. The laptop should start when a good working module is installed.