I first checked the breaker on my surge protector and indeed it was tripped. Things like power supplies can be quite dangerous. Hi everyone……I have the blinking light too………and all this has been very helpful. Just moved to India where voltage is higher and after initially blowing up a power unit, now with the new power supply have been experiencing the flashing orange light phenomenon. Hi have a dell dimention c.

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I hope this helps! You had to open the hardware connector and then insert the flat cable, then lock the hardware connector.

Once the battery is dead — it should no longer blink. I have checked connections and voltages on everything. Sir, I am having dell studio laptop. I replaced it and it works controllet now.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

January 8, at 5: So contfoller any of you have damaged front USB ports that could be your problem! Well, just to add my 2 cents to this freaking awesome thread, I tried everything all the way up to comment This includes things like my keyboard, mouse, etc.

February 2, at Are you dell gx520 sm bus controller me?

Hi, I have dell dimension which use to work fine and now i am having problem. I bought a powered kensington usb hub and started to get the flashing orange light.

So kicked the chair and left the room wondering what I was going to do. I disconnected ribbon cable and PC powered up. Dell gx520 sm bus controller I found it highly unlikely that the processor power cable would suddenly unseat itself. Any other suggestions…Please help!!!

My notebook dell gx520 sm bus controller new and used it often. But last week the PC was for 1 week with power off due to a controllsr. However, the power light for the batter is constantly blinking orange. Thanks for any help.

The hard drive is incased in a plastic holder which I think adds to the build up of heat and since running the computer with the cover removed the dreaded orange blinky cotroller has not returned hope this helps. April 26, at 6: August 31, at 1: Open up your CPU case and check for any cards that may have been jolted out of place, and slot them back in snugly.

All the dell gx520 sm bus controller start right up, and nothing ever appears on a monitor.

The computer is about 3. I feel like tommy boy, its a gaurenteed piece of crap…….

My blinking amber power button turned out to be…my video card. Tested it with good power supply and it came right up with no more blinky. Could not boot, no power except power button flashing amber every 3 seconds.

No more orange lights. Wonder how long this will hold. I have unppluged and plugged eveything, maybe the last thing I need to try is change the 3v batery.

A simple straightening of the pins, a deep breath and hey presto… computer boots dell gx520 sm bus controller. Glad I found this site. In my case it was the small circuit board in the dell gx520 sm bus controller of the case that runs the power switch, front usb, and audio jacks.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

I did everything… reinstalled RAM, reinstalled all cards, replaced a power supply, checked all USB ports but ccontroller works. I have just developed this problem after upgrading my power supply and graphic card, any ideas what it could be as I have ran out of troubleshooting ideas. It turned out to be the power supply. The moral of the story: To shesagordie,Johnc,Bev dell gx520 sm bus controller J. After rebooting, I plugged everything in and the system is working fine.