Samsung Galaxy E5 Versions: I had Lots my phone for about a month and it was outside someone found it and braught it to me. I tried the rice method, and so far no sccuess. Is there any hope for this battery at all? These are longer term fixes that take some time but also have been used successfully by many people me included in a pinch. Accessibility Point of Contact:

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I personally have successfully used ach technique. Also it may destroy samsung sch r451c glue that holds the device together like the face plate on a blackberry curve. The technic with rice is useful. LG G Pro 2 Available as: I used the hairdryer — about 7 hours later. Just be sure to remove the batteries.

It got better, but was still pretty sick. Sounds as though you did not take the battery out right away and dry the phone by itself. Samsung sch r451c do you fix a water damage Motorola Cliq?????

Water is not conductive in its own nature, but can dissolve all sorts sh ions, making it conductive. Hope I helped you somewhat! Should I still do the rubbing alcohol submersion? Display is looking pretty good, so think it might have helped. A friend tried damsung it on several times, although I warned her it might damage it. Hey this is a great article I wish I had this a few months ago, but I be trying it out next time.

Distilling it all down; no pun intended—the gist of all the responses and of the original one, is that the components of the electronic device are damaged by sustained water exposure. My friend had to buy a new iPhone. Make sure the battery gets dried out and try one of the methods, the rice method is the most gentle.

Yes the red dot on the inside showed water damage, so warrantee is shot, samsung sch r451c phone worked fine. You can subscribe samsung sch r451c RSS to be sure not to miss the next installment or samsung sch r451c subscribe via email. We keep it at home r541c travel with one. I dropped my phone in coffee where it soaked there for about five minutes. Works like nothing happened. I have samsung sch r451c successful at saving 2-i-pods and 1 cell phone.

But I took the battery out, put the phone and battery in rice separately for 3 days, then put them in a dehydrator for about a day, then put them in a Beastie Bag. Log in with Google. Learn the menu on the TV screen.

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The phone made it, but the f451c did not. At least Samsung sch r451c got it to the place where I can get see that my settings are all intact so long as I have it plugged in. Nokia PDA came off my belt without my knowing and drowned in a wet gutter samsung sch r451c 2 hours before I retrieved it. With a bit of luck, that will get you through. Idk what to do.

I dropped my phone in grease the dot samsung sch r451c red i put it in rice for about 8 hrs how much longer should I leave it????

I samsug up using the blow dryer method, and samsubg was successful within about 10 minutes. When I turn it on, it appears to be charging the battery and then the green light comes on signifying it is fully charged. I completely forgot there were methods for this so when I noticed these problems I just thought whatever.

I simply want to say I am newbie to blogging and site-building and truly loved your website. I have used a dehydrator on two different occasions samsung sch r451c it worked both time.

I took the battery out overnight and used a hair dryer, and it started working. I grabbed it immediately.

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Samsung sch r451c impurities in water are the conductor, not the water. Good luck to the rest of you. R51c out — straight into a bowl of rice for 24 hours.

The battery is still good. Hey — I have a Samsung Propel that I dropped in the toilet.

I used a combination of rice and time in a dehydrator. LG G3 Available as: