My colleagues have been puzzled as to why I hit longer with my 4 woods than my driver. Good luck, and happy new year! The more I swing easy, the more I can start my downswing with a hip turn back to the ball, and the more my swing is in the proper sequence. But there is literally something standing between the average golfer and the changes that allow pure ball striking. Picked up a TaylorMade R7 Quad But my clubs are one inch short and I use graphite shafts. I figured it was probably a fluke, but nope, every ball I hit after that was straight and in the yard range.

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What the club fitter told me was my clubs were too short and should be reshafted back to the standard length because my swing plane is very flat.

I just took an inch off my irons tonight and hope to try out tomorrow. I got hybrids to replace my 4 and 3 nike forged titanium 400cc because I felt I was swinging lonnng sticks!

And I absolutely agree about the shoes adding stability to the swing. How can I nike forged titanium 400cc what length would be best for me? Anyway, I guess that this is a long-winded way to say thanks for tktanium article.

Tiitanium said that, I have gitanium that the loft has a bigger impact on the distance the club provides than the length of the club—so if you struggle a bit with the long irons, feel free to try choking down a little extra.

Yes I go down the shaft on that one too.

Are Your Golf Clubs Too Long?

I have been reading and listening to too many people and have myself all buggered. Adding weight near the grip may give you a nike forged titanium 400cc comfortable feel. I hit a nike forged titanium 400cc balls to get a good average over the 12 swings. Ambers foryed want to try using lighter shafts in his shortened irons to compensate for the swing weight drop. Usually the clubs stop getting shorter above the 9-iron, meaning the various wedges are the same length as the 9-iron.

With the new approach, I found myself nike forged titanium 400cc to hit a good drive and was able to relax! I also clobbered another drive, with the help of a slight downhill fairway, a whopping yards! But I noticed how it allowed him to use his shoulders to turn his arms and hands.

Thank nike forged titanium 400cc both for your ideas and comments! Tell them the exact specs for each club that give you the set you want. Thanks in advance for your reply. I hope this helps.

You could easily make up for a few mph by striking the shorter club better, more in the center. My friends mentioned the Blue Ridge Grill, saying that it was a great place to grab a drink.

I noticed something else. Nike forged titanium 400cc a high handicapper this may be a real game changer. Lie angle is also a concern—taking two inches off your clubs when they already have a flat lie will make them play very flat could make it hard nike forged titanium 400cc close the face at impact.

Thanks and nike forged titanium 400cc job wih this article!!!! I am also shortening my backswing and slowing my take-away and transition to downswing. If you decide that Shorter clubs are what you need, you will have the off season to have your clubs shortened or have new clubs built to shorter lengths.

Will do some testing with the factory shafts but will install a good after market shaft before either club goes in my bag. It was fun playing with you Rhodes boys. I wish I had started earlier with your instruction. It is his golf club. With both sets, I found myself placing the ball far back into my stance, almost off by back nike forged titanium 400cc, in order to make decent contact with a straight flight. You and I are very similar in numbers—I am a bit taller and a few years older, but our swing speeds sound comparable, and I play with short, graphite-shafted clubs.

My hands got through easily and the ball had my normal slight draw. Thanks a lot for the response. Yes there are some subtle distance changes, but accuracy and trajectory are returning to my game. Aww man Don, I wish you would have made that recommendation sooner. Dan, thanks for reading, and good luck with the experiment! The result is that I am swinging better and making good contact with all my irons.

Graphite shaft | Drivers | Trade Me

As for the over-swing, come on down to the Shenandoah Valley and we will forgee care of that! I worry that having the same length for the whole set might result in some clubs not generating enough distance relative to the others—BUT, having said that, guess what Nike forged titanium 400cc already do? I hit my 9 iron farther than that. Thank you so much!

I am SO grateful. It will be tough to properly answer some of your questions without seeing you at address, and throughout your swing, but I will do my best:.