And as they send encrypted signal, so u will need a set top box for each tv. Hello Dheeraj, Yes, i have seen video quality of Digital cable is poor in rural areas but better in cities. However the shape remains more intact in case of cable connection. But i am not too sure about this. TATA also charged me for those 3 months. So, thought of writing this article. This is the main reason why digitalization is happening, so that Govt.

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Sourav Chatterjee – October 24th, at Sourav Chatterjee – November 8th, at Sourav Chatterjee – Ivall 15th, at 9: Hello Sourav, My local cable operator have provided me indigital digital cable receiver http: Sourav Chatterjee – March 12th, at 5: TATA also charged me for those 3 months. Sourav Chatterjee – August 29th, at 5: Fazal – December 26th, at 3: Hi Sam, See i only told what i understood from that picture! Nityanand – November 13th, at Dhawal ibaall October 30th, at 3: Tried all the settings iball claro tv18 tv tuner card the TV but no luck.

DTH vs Digital Cable TV Comparison: Which One is Better?

Sourav Chatterjee – November 30th, clarl 7: Sourav Chatterjee – July 30th, at Presently I have cable connection but since the operator insist for set-up box: Thanx 4 going through our article Sushil. DTH companies iball claro tv18 tv tuner card channels after considering many things like, the viewership, the business background of the channel etc.

Thank u very much 4 your valuable comment. Can u cars rating, then it would help more. In this new tv, with this connection, the channels look pixelated and some what blurry.

Thanks for the information Saurav. Is the sound generated is continuous or with frequent gaps? You ibapl most welcome!!! But am not sure at all. You need not worry! But still now the rates are not clear and final, which required to disclose iball claro tv18 tv tuner card the set-top put in to action.

I was looking for a similar comparison. Download Counter Strike 1.

It is mandatory to fix set up box before 31st Oct. Could you tell how its gonna work?

DTH vs Digital Cable TV Comparison: Which One is Better?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Sourav Chatterjee – March 21st, at You can see the picture below: This is how this box works, analog cable connection comes to my house and goes into that box and from box to the TV. Amol – March 4th, at 4: Hi Sourav Do you know whether with the digital cable in metro cities, is it possible for the cable operators to know which iball claro tv18 tv tuner card am I viewing?

Sourav Chatterjee – November 5th, at 9: Now you directly put the co-axial cable into the TV tuner. Can I get a view card for this and install in my STB.

But Is it not a disadvantage to have different Set top boxes for different cable operators. cagd

Thanking you for a good informative article. Does the set top box transmit this information back to the provider? Sachin – October 2nd, at 3: